An independent nursery that cares for up to 24 children per day with 3 or 4 staff members. The Nursery is run by an experienced early years teacher and qualified support staff who, as a team, teach and nurture the children using a range of high quality resources and activities both indoors and outside in our own garden and the surrounding school grounds. Children's development is tracked in 7 areas following the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) guidelines. We encourage parents to talk to us daily about their child's day and progress, especially things they enjoy and are able to do at home.

In conjunction with Cranmer Primary School we offer full day care.

OPENING TIMES: 8.45am - 11.45am.

FREE: 15 and 30 hours if eligible

COSTS: Nursery: £15.00 per day; £75.00 per week.

MINIMUM AGE: 3 years and 1 term

MAXIMUM AGE: 4 years and 2 terms



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